SANGEAN at CeBIT fair!

“Leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, humanoid robots and applications of virtual reality shift the boundaries between humans and technology. CeBIT is the only event in the world to present the digital transformation in its entirety, showcasing real examples and best practice”

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BTR-160 Software Update

A major update is available for the BTR-160. The update is available via our download page from today on

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A SANGEAN price performance winner!

The SANGEAN WFR-29C is Price-Performance winner in the AUDIO-VIDEO-FOTO Bild magazine!

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Windows phone application

SANGEAN internet radios are compatible with the RadioRemote app, developed by Christian Mittring. With this app you can wake your radio from sleep mode, manage the volume, choose your input and manage all other functions.

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Leisure and Enjoyment: focusing on the BTS-102 and the DPR-77

The introduction of the last category! With the BTS-202 and the DPR-77 you can get a grasp of the diverse category Leisure and Enjoyment. This category has more in stock than you might think.

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Literature and Art: Highlighting the DDR-36 and the WR-15BT

Introducing again two radios. The DDR-36 and the WR-15BT are great ambassadors of the category Literature and Art. The design of these radios is flawless. Every time you have a writer’s block or when you are in need of creative inspiration, these devices will help you.

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Mobility: Highlighting the DPR-39 and the DPR-67

We continue our introduction with the DPR-39 and the DPR-67. These radios fit perfectly in the category ‘mobility’. A pocket radio and a portable radio; both easy to carry with you. Use these radios to listen to your favorite radio station everywhere you go!

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Connectivity: Highlighting the DDR-66 and WFR-30

The DDR-66 and the WFR-30 are products which scream connectivity. They have a great design, but even better specifications! These devices are more than a radio: they are music players which fits your needs.

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Introducing the four categories

Sangean announces different product groups. The most sold radios are divided into four categories based on their most impressive specifications.

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6 reasons to be listening to the radio

Most people cannot go through the day without music. A great song that you hear by coincidence can make your day! Of course you can choose your own music to listen to. But when music is chosen song by song, focus is needed. You cannot concentrate on your task if you need to stop every four minutes to pick a new song! A solution can be to pick a playlist before work; you will only hear your handpicked and favorite songs. Sounds perfect! Or does it?

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