Windows phone application

SANGEAN internet radios are compatible with the RadioRemote app for Windows Phone, developed by Christian Mittring (available in German and English). With this app you can wake your radio from sleep mode, manage the volume, choose your media source and manage all other functions.

Your phone as a remote control

To manage your radio with an iOS or Android phone it was already possible to use the UNDOK app. This app does not work on a phone with the operating system Microsoft developed. RadioRemote is the solution for that.

If you would like to wake your SANGEAN internet radio with either the RadioRemote or UNDOK app, it is important to have the right settings on your radio. The ‘keep network connected’ setting needs to be activated with ‘YES’ (Menu > System Settings > Network > Keep Network Connected). When your radio is in stand-by, but not connected to the internet, the apps will not be able to find the radio.

Use these apps to turn the radio on and off again, to manage the volume of the music that is playing, choosing another media source (e.g. from DAB+ to Internet Radio), manage the equalizer and having an easy way to search for favorite radio stations.

Find the UNDOK and RadioRemote apps for free in the Play store, Apple store or Microsoft store.