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RECORDER 01  ( DAR-101 )
Digital MP3 Recorder

Color: Black

The Recorder 01 is a portable device for recording all sorts of sounds. Record your music, an important discussion or cite notes you need to remember. This recorder is easy to use and makes it possible to distinct important sounds, so not worry about background noise that might disturb your recording. Use the LCD display to perfectly adjust the settings and record to an SD card.

Next to that an easy to read LCD display with adjustable backlight will help you whether it is night or day. This device supports MP3 and WMA media with SD card interface.
  • Built-in high fidelity stereo microphone with dual AGC loop
  • Telephone / music / reminder 3 individual mode-in-one
  • Easy to read LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Timer record / standby record / timer play
  • Recording density: 64k / 128k / 192k bps
  • Adjustable recording level and balance
  • Recordable media: SD card by MP3 format
  • Telephone record by hook on / off control
  • Recording source modes: Internal microphone, external microphone, telephone and line-in
  • External audio source recording through line-in / audio sync
  • External stereo microphone socket applicable for capturing stereo audio sound
  • Built-in 2 higher sensitivity internal microphone with dual AGC control
  • File browsing management
  • Convenient rotary menu
  • Voice activation recording
  • Support MP3 and WMA media with SD card interface
  • Rechargeable with battery power indicator
DISPLAY   LCD / VFD / Dial Scale LCD + Graphic LCM (128 x 64)
    View Area (mm / inch) 60 x 29 / 2.36 x 1.14
    Graphic / Character Type Graphic 128 x 64
    Back Light V
    Dimmer V
FEATURE   Stereo Earphones
    Charger V
    Playable Media Format MP3 (16 - 320 Kbps) / WMA (48 - 192 Kbps)
    Recordable Media SD / MMC / SDHC
    Recordable Format MP3 (64k / 128k / 192kbps)
    File System FAT 16 / FAT 32
    Timer Record V
    File Browser V
    Microphone INTERNAL / EXTERNAL
    Voice Activated Recording (V.A.R) V
    Telephone Recording V
    Record indicator Peak indicator
CLOCK   Real Time V
OUTPUT DEVICES Speaker Size ( mm / inch ) 3 inches
    Impedance 8 ohms
    Magnetically Shield V
OUTPUT POWER (TYPICAL)   AC / DC / AC to AC in (Speaker) 1W
    Batteries (Speaker) 1W
    Earphones 3 mW +3 mW
POWER SUPPLY   AC to AC in 9 V AC / 0.7 A
    Batteries (Main Power) 4 x 1.5 V (UM - 3)
I/O SOCKET   AC to AC in V
    Earphones V
    Line - out V
    SPDIF out V
    Line in V
    Mic in V
    Others Telphone patch cord
DIMENSIONS   Width (mm/inch) 180.3 / 7.1
    Height (mm/inch) 50.8 / 2
    Depth (mm/inch) 131 / 5.16
    Weight (g & lb. oz) 541 / 1lb. 3.1oz
PARTICULAR PERFORMANCE   1 High specification digital voice recorder
    2 Telephone / music / reminder 3 individual modes in one

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User Manual of DAR-101 ( Multi-Languages ) 17-11-2015
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R2  Dutch 3530 KB

Flyer of DAR-101 ( English ) 14-3-2018
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V1  English 2136 KB

Software Upgrade of DAR-101 ( English ) 25-7-2018
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