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FM-RDS / DAB / Handcrank / Solar Radio

The Survivor DAB, is a rechargeable emergency radio: when the power is out, you can receive important information via DAB+ or FM radio. You can use the hand crank, Micro USB or the solar panel to recharge this radio! Or go on an adventure with the Survivor DAB. it is convenient to have music via speaker or earphone, charging your phone, and having a flashlight nearby in every environment. You can even turn the flashlight into SOS: with Morse Code it will let others know that you are in need.

The Survivor DAB has 20 station presets (10 DAB+, 10 FM), an stereo Earphone Jack and a built-in clock and speaker. You can see if the device is charging with the LED indicator.
  • Digital FM / DAB Tuner
  • 20 station presets (10 DAB+, 10 FM)
  • Powered by Handcrank Dynamo / Solar Panel / DC in (Micro USB B Type) to Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Illumination Lamp
  • Charging LED Indicator
  • Adjustable LED Flashlight (Hi, Low, Blinking, SOS Morse Code)
  • Built-in Clock
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Stereo Earphone Jack
  • Hand-Held Size
  • DC Out(5V / 0.3A)USB A Type Socket for Charging Mobile Phone or MP3 Player
  • DC In(5V / 0.5A)Micro USB B Type Socket for Charging
  • USB A to Micro USB B Cable and Hand Strap Included
TUNER DAB Band III Frequency (MHz) 174 - 240 (W / DAB+)
  FM Frequency (MHz) 87.5 - 108
    RDS / RBDS PS / PTY / RT / CT
  WEATHER Frequency CH ,
TUNING Memory Presets   20 (10 FM, 10 DAB)
CLOCK Real time Time V
DISPLAY   LCD / VFD / Dial Scale LCD
    View Area (mm / inch) 32.6 x 16.5 / 1.28 x 0.65
    Graphic / Character Type Graphic 128 x 64
    Back Light V
FEATURE   Stereo Earphones
    Particular * Solar Power
* Hand cranker power generator
AMPLIFIER   Earphones Output Power 1mW*2
    Batteries Output Power 0.4W
SPEAKER   Size ( mm / inch ) 1 1/2 inches
    Impedance 8 ohms
    Earphones V
    USB USB - A for Charge(DC Out 5V / 0.3A)
POWER SUPPLY   Batteries (Main Power) 18350 Lithium battery 3.7V / 850mA
ACCESSORIES   Others USB A to Micro USB B Cable and Hand Strap
DIMENSIONS   Width (mm/inch) 152 / 5.98
    Height (mm/inch) 83.6 / 3.29
    Depth (mm/inch) 69.8 / 2.75
    Weight (g & lb. oz) 373.5 / 13.2oz

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User Manual of MMR-88 DAB ( Multi-Languages ) 29-3-2017
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Flyer of MMR-88 DAB ( English ) 14-3-2018
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Quick Start Guide of MMR-88DAB 11-4-2017
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