The International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin is a global benchmark in the consumer electronics industry. As a world leader in radio manufacturing, SANGEAN Electronics Inc. made a resounding appearance at IFA 2023 with its latest lineup of products.

Unveiling New Models from SANGEAN

This year, we have upgraded our booth design and optimized visitor flow. Our featured models are displayed against a backdrop that plays captivating product demonstration videos, injecting fresh energy into the entire exhibition. We proudly present not only our latest models such as the tabletop WFT-4, the outdoor U4X, and the elegantly retro-designed WR-201D but also unveil our newly-designed 50th-anniversary commemorative model, the WR-101, which has garnered awe from attendees.


SANGEAN WR-101: Celebrating 50 Years with Legacy and Innovation

Designed to mark our 50th anniversary, the WR-101 is a limited-edition multifunctional radio that incorporates Bluetooth 5.0 technology with A2DP support, offering high-quality wireless audio streaming effortlessly connecting to a variety of smart devices. With a multi-color LED indicator for Band, AUX, and Bluetooth, it provides users with effortless audio source selection across different scenarios. Equipped with a dual speaker system, including a woofer and a mid-range driver, the WR-101 offers near-perfect audio fidelity. Its dial scale with adjustable backlight and tone controls ensures precise audio customization. As a special 50th-anniversary edition from SANGEAN, the WR-101 combines high craftsmanship and design, offering an unparalleled auditory and visual experience.

Exhibition Highlights

To make it easier for visitors to locate products, we have categorized our radio models and provided QR Codes on info cards for deeper understanding. Additionally, we have carefully curated music tracks to showcase the sound quality of our radios. Inquiries about the SANGEAN brand and the WR-101 model were lively as attendees actively participated in mini-games. To enhance the atmosphere on-site, we have prepared a selection of exciting prizes to be won through live Q&A sessions.



SANGEAN is deeply grateful to all the guests and attendees of IFA 2023. Your presence and feedback are invaluable, enabling us to continuously provide top-quality radio products. We look forward to presenting you with more outstanding products and meeting you at future events.