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GENUINE 120  ( WR-12BT )
FM / AM / Aux-in / Bluetooth
Wooden Cabinet Receiver

Color: Walnut

The Genuine 120 delivers powerful audio for its size with a 2.1 channel system, dual stereo speakers and a subwoofer specially designed for more bass and loudness compensation that gives better bass response characteristics. Bass and treble controls let you further adjust the sound to your preferences. Furthermore, the Genuine 120 has an aux-in jack for playing your favourite tunes via iPod/iPhone or MP3. This great device is also available in Bluetooth version.
  • FM-Stereo / AM 2 bands
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • Bands, Aux-in and Bluetooth indicators
  • Easy to dial scale display with adjustable backlight
  • Soft and precise tuning
  • Bass and treble controls
  • 2.1 channel system uses two stereo speakers and a subwoofer
  • Acoustically tuned wooden cabinet
  • I/O jacks: AC in, Aux-in, headphone and FM F terminal+ AM ANT-IN

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TUNER FM Frequency (MHz) 87.5-108
  MW Frequency (kHz) 520-1710
  Type   Anologue
MEDIA Aux - in   V
  Others   Bluetooth wireless audio
DISPLAY   LCD / VFD Dial scale
    Back Light V
    Dimmer V
    Others Bluetooth pairing LED
MEDIA Bluetooth   V
FEATURE   Others 2+1 stereo plus subwoofer
AUDIO EQ Treble / Bass Control V
AMPLIFIER   Speaker Output (TYP.) 3W+3W+10W
    Earphones Output 3+3mW (32ohm)
SPEAKER   Size ( mm / inch ) 2 1/4 inches x 2 + 3.5 inches x 1
    Impedance 8 ohm
I/O SOCKET   AC / DC - in AC - in
    Aux - in V
    Earphones V
    Ext.Antenna FM F terminal+ AM ANT-IN
    FM Wiring Antenna V
DIMENSIONS   Width (mm/inch) 295 / 11.61
    Height (mm/inch) 126 / 4.96
    Depth (mm/inch) 203 / 7.99
    Weight (g & lb. oz) 4200 / 9lb. 4.2oz

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User Manual of WR-12BT ( Multi-Languages )  31-10-2012
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Flyer of GENUINE 120 ( WR-12BT ) ( English ) 8-5-2019
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