ANT-60Portable Shortwave Antenna


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Product Introduction

Shortwave radios have brought the world together long before the internet, and now the Sangean ANT-60 antenna helps maximize your shortwave experience.

Ideally suited for today's compact shortwave receivers and fully portable inside its convenient, compact carrying case, the ANT-60 extends to a full 23 feet and enhances the performance and reception of your shortwave radio beyond that of a typical built-in telescoping antenna.

An adapter plug is provided for receivers lacking a standard 1/8-inch (3.5mm) miniplug.


  • Design
    Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth (mm / in) Extension Length (mm/inch): 7000 / 275.59
    Others *Snap onto any Telescoping Rod Antenna | *Plug into Radio External AM Antenna Jack | *In/Outdoor Application | *For All Shortwave Radios

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